Friday, December 26, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Virtual Reality ~~

Nightfall, in fear we sprawl
Creatures crawl in search of blood
Mystery drum turns on the heat
Stop! Its your fast heartbeat!

Squeak and scream, your eyes aglow
Time to know the twilight zone
Shadow spree, subjects unseen
Take to your heels? You can't be free

Struggle you may, to freedom's bay
Imprisoned mind, dark side you'll find
But when you feel you cannot cope
Just snap to know... You're all alone.

The fear of the unknown sometimes enslave us and limit our ability to achieve. We're often our own worst enemy as we point accusing fingers at others for our misfortunes. The solution has never been in finding who to blame but in bracing up to the challenges of surmounting the lingering hurdle... which is a measure of your successes in life. Break out of the shackles of self induced fear and experience blissful breakthroughs... you're being haunted by your own shadow.

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