Friday, November 23, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Makossa ~~

The Makossa!...
Dibango... Awilo Longomba!!
A dance of wobbly wonders...
Duala seduction... The Kossa!

Forget La Bamba...
The Soca, Chachacha... Lambada...
Come feel the Salsa Samba...
Delivered like Drama... Makossa!

You Waltz and Rumba?
... In Mambo you Tango with Tumba?
Hakuna Matata, dear Bomba...
Encounter my African Sista.

The Brown Anaconda...
On tip-toe, She Flutter... You Shudder...
You mutter the words... "Mama...Mia!"...
"Mamako Mamasa... Makossa!".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Dead Awake ~~

The morning rays...
Ushers in a new day
Yet another day...
Another chance to make head way.

I sway in disarray.
Laced in a lingering phase of decay
Reminiscing... Last year in May...
Oh God!... Where did it all go astray?

But I lay awake... Debased
Dazed in my pondering state of shame
I dare to say in my dismay...
"How do I make it through the day?"

I'm enslaved in delays...
A self-inflicted mental maze
And it's all because I lay...
Lamenting my case... Awake!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ The One ~~

I dare to thread
That lonely road
A path that others dread
Though course unknown
I'm on the go...
Knowing that you'll be there.

Uncharted realm
Marooned... Despair
I'm lost and overwhelmed
You came, my dear...
To wipe the tears
I knew I'd found my gem.

Though things were tight
You showed me love
With it came strength to strive
You made me strong
Despite the odds
Our future shines so bright.

Love of my life
Pillar of hope...
Gone are the days of strife
My heart... You own
In comfort zone...
Thank you... My darling wife.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Vanity ~~

A whirly wind of wistful lust
Laden with jealous traits
Filling the void of mutual trust
The enthralling world of hate.

Like wanderers, we drift amiss
Our conscience laced with greed
While bickerings begot senseless rifts
... Humanity receeds

Ye wallow in famed conceitedness
The gains of grievous deeds
Stampeding unto nothingness
The veil... Desires... Deceit.

With open eyes, we blindly grope
In the darkness of our minds
Into abysmal depth of woe
Where hope desert mankind.

This loftiness... Our quest for best
The crowning crave for wealth
Transcends not while we're laid to rest
In the dirt of mother earth.

Personal Poem: ~~ Who am I? ~~

Who am I?...

I am like the morning breeze ...
Simple, yet a complex maze.
A stormy vent of calming ease
... That bitter wine YOU love to taste.

I am the balm... A soothing burn
The pinch that kills the pain.
A fragile force... That tempting lure...
Your dream's my fairy tale.

I am the spell
... That naughty quagmire
A fantasy world made real
The aura of fire that makes you perspire
... A mutual desire fulfilled.

I take no prisoners
... I detest pretenders!
I'm down for whatever... Feel free!
But don't get it twisted...
Spiritually WORDED to fire like thunder
... Take heed!

Deeper than a mere view...
Lest my looks deceive you
Review... Let me shine through
Now if you're still confused
... Observe a state of Muse...
Let me diffuse... in YOU!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ After the Battle ~~

From far and near, they all gathered
Like clouds before a storm
Adorned in mystic paint patterns
With fabrics, beads and guns.

They watched and muttered silently
As ritual norms were made
The clanhead rose... Spoke fervently
With dripping wine... He prayed.

Then sprout the priest with kolanuts
And news of captured Lands...
The masked ones flip and twist in turn
In frenzy... Natives chant.

The maidens danced in tattered pants
While warriors clink their swords
Amidst the rhythmic clatter bangs
Of ancient gongs and drums.

Abated rites, an age long norm
... Celestials felt in trance.
Evoked by fervent mortal throbs...
The deities come to dance.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Others ~~

It's not about your money
Your pride, We all despise
For you can only flaunt your wealth...
By touching others' life
It's not about your strength
Your might to fuss and fight
For you are only made so strong...
To shoulder others' plight.
It's not about your looks
For that will fade with age
Your true beauty will only come...
With a smile on others' face.
It's not about your deeds
Beat not your bloated chest
For what's your rate of kudos rave...
In a poll others attest.
Its all about resolve...
A humble crave and thirst
The selfless will to help yourself...
By placing others first.