Friday, April 20, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ After the Battle ~~

From far and near, they all gathered
Like clouds before a storm
Adorned in mystic paint patterns
With fabrics, beads and guns.

They watched and muttered silently
As ritual norms were made
The clanhead rose... Spoke fervently
With dripping wine... He prayed.

Then sprout the priest with kolanuts
And news of captured Lands...
The masked ones flip and twist in turn
In frenzy... Natives chant.

The maidens danced in tattered pants
While warriors clink their swords
Amidst the rhythmic clatter bangs
Of ancient gongs and drums.

Abated rites, an age long norm
... Celestials felt in trance.
Evoked by fervent mortal throbs...
The deities come to dance.

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