Friday, January 23, 2009

The Revelation: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Once in a while she’ll wail and cry, to try and carve her wish on mine. She’d seldom try to push her luck; maybe we could just tweak the “law”. These made me feel so insecure, what’s with this “hot and cold” galore? I thought her faith was so genuine… Trusted so much was so in tune.

I tried my best or so I thought. Behind closed doors, it’s quite a shock; as Tracey presses home her wants… “Just once”… “Stop it!!” … Oh what a ruse. Sometimes I’d give in; all for love… Don’t get me wrong, wanted it more. We’d seldom loose our head with fun… I get the blame when all is done.

Imagine how you’d feel et al, when all you get is “What’ve YOU done”? Self guilt, the devil… “What da heck!” to think she’d started it at first. Made up my mind to end the stress and put this whole “love lust” to rest. Never again! I had declared will I join her in “sinful” flares.

Each day I’m puzzled by the maze, sometimes I’d wonder… “Why the craze”? She could as well just end it all, that way she’d face her “new life” call. No way! Not Tracey Salvador, she had her ways mapped out like law. Wanted so much to keep her man, brainwashing tricks was all she planned.

Best of both worlds she plot and got, loved her too much to even budge. She’d even got me off to church, believe by faith; was touched by God. Once we were vain and prone to lust, but then I grew in faith; could stall. The trust and love waxed on so strong, amazing grace; lived above lust.

Days went; then weeks, stuck to my guns… She knew I meant it now; no wrongs! Impressed with how willpower had grown; gradually put a stop to moan. Her visits dropped, night calls on hold; claimed “busy life” had made it so. Then came news flash; unholy ones, my guards are rocked; a rose with thorns.

I heard so much but still kept mute, just can’t believe… It can’t be true! “I know her more than they could know”? Wake up! Young man… Just learn and grow. Seem much went down behind my back, funny how you’re the last to grasp. Blinded by trust and placid faith, I chose to shake it off like flakes.

Then came that gloomy night in May; popped in some rumors as we played. Startled, unsettled, quite displaced… Tracey broke down to my dismay. “You knew??? My God!!! I can explain!!!” her loads of tales were all so lame. Turns out that all I heard replayed, that flushed my trust right down the drain.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Eight in the series...A poet’s poetic sojourn which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "The Revelation" simply confirms the saying that "not all that glitter is gold". As long as we're all human, we're subject to changes with respect to our immediate environment. Trust is a strong word... What you "trusted" yourself NOT to ever do ten years ago... Can you truely say you still "trust" yourself enough NOT to do it now?? The story continues...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Born Against: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

A relationship had started, a love bond sealed; one I thought my life would need. It was good, went well and all was “swell”… But all good start comes to an end. I gave her my life; she WAS my life, understanding with trust… Could be my wife. No day goes by; she’s by my side… “Without you, love, I’ll shrink and die”.

Yeah right! Good line; “I’ll shrink and die” Like I was dead before we met. No man can make his life your own, take heed my friends… Control your throne. Well, anyways, back to my lines… “Without you, love… I’ll shrink and die”. Emotions clouded brain release… What else could’ve made me say such things?

We’d built an envious life with ease; the type the world puck nosed to see. Accepted by our family tree… Integrity was all there is. This made for jealous frills and tricks, some people just can’t stand your peace. They tried to break the bond we share; we were too much in love to care.

Days went by, love knew no bounds… “Hear says” and rumors all around. We had so much going for us, to hell with all the rumor gongs. Within a year we’d gone that far, who’d thought we’d ever stay apart. But then came fears of being secured… some girls dared her; wanted my love.

Take this from me, lovers out there… What you don’t know won’t make you growl. But when your instinct starts to probe, follow the flow, the truth unfolds. Most times your fears’ be brought to bear; right up your face, exposed and clear. So, if you cannot stand the “smoke”… Stay off the kitchen bloke… You’ll choke!

She took a step of faith to wage… A war against the savaged dames, “A step of FAITH” without bargain… She chose and claimed she’s “born again”. New rules she brought into the play… French kiss and sex… Out of the way! Her aim… To get me in the game, that way those dames can’t hit their craze.

Wanted so bad to make it work, she stretched me till “thy kingdom come”. True love cannot be swayed by frails, accept it all for peace to reign. But please, just let me be “myself”; pretentious life could lead to shame. Respect her new found way of life, but let me take my path in strides.

This wave of difference caged our flow; communication gap begins to grow. Turns out she’d often want my touch… Pretentious blocks won’t make her talk. Sometimes she’d try to break the code; her human want would take control. I’m always there to help… “Say No”, turns out I’d helped to stage revolt.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Seventh in the series...A poet’s poetic sojourn which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "Born Against" reveals a deceitful religious method of getting your man to stay faithful to you. Communication breakdown is more often than not... The root of problems in a relationship. The journey continues... watch out for more!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The First Kiss: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

I held her close, our warmth … Co-host; it drove the cold beyond the coast. Oh tears appear, just can’t repel, emotions true… our guards diffuse. Wrapped up in two; like lovers do… Could see my dreams are coming true, we slowly fade away with grace… Into the darkened night we sway.

The feeling is mutual”… I recollect; her last few scribbles before she wrecked. My Gosh! Had dreamt, had wished and cranked… But all these while she craved my hands. My hands, my hands, those plastic hands, lay stiff around her waist… Like plank. She’d put it there to boost my moves, foiled in a plan for me to smooch.

I tried to slip my hands away, not used to this; felt kind of strange. She knew and grabbed it … Uh! So close. “Hold me”… She said… Ecstatic mode. I pinched my butt so I could feel; could be a dream… This can’t be real. Arms wrapped around Tracey… So free? Oh my… “That hurts”… It’s real! It’s real!!

We crept right back to Paul’s Abode… The night was cold… Out of control. Snuggled inside to warm our feet, a cup of tea? Ah… that’s the trick! Secret admirer tales exchanged, could hardly stare… Not face to face. Moved close, her fingers starts to play… “Oh floor, please give and make a way”.

Slowly, she lifted up my chin; I saw those eyes and lush red lips. My heart had stopped; can’t feel my pulse… Oh lord, come down… I need your touch! I tried to talk; can’t find the words, spell bound, the moment holds me down. Don’t talk, relax and let it flow… Could hear the message of my soul.

Closer, I felt her facial loom, erotic fumes of her perfume. She gazed with sparsely opened eyes, her message sank deep down inside. I flipped my tongue across my lips, to wet its crackled funny feel. Seems like I’m in a fix for real… A mighty gulp of nothing … Wimp!

It’s time, it’s time… It’s really time; my tangled life tries to unwind. It’s been so long, I’ve hoped and lust… right here and now… Adrenaline rush! My dead bone comes to life to play, my fingers shocks my eyes… Display. So soft a touch, our lips are crushed… A long and memorable kiss enthralls.

So deep, the kiss… The lull and feel, it was everything I’d wished within. My first love kiss… Oh what a thrill but... Shush!!! Don’t let her know this… Please. Lifeless she laid… My arms embrace… My sudden burst of guts… She praise. Eulogized my touch and gentle ways… Now, “who’s the man”? I hear you say…
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Sixth in the series... ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "The First Kiss" Hmmm... Need I say more??? The journey continues... watch out for more!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Confessions: A poet’s Poetic Sojourn

The lights were dimmed but I could see… The frame, that face… Just like my dreams. She lay supreme in red satin… Oh my! This girl has come to kill. Her Hair and lovely skin reflects… The mellow rays the lamps project. Radiance, aglow… Name it… She’s dope. No room for gloom… Perform? You Snoop!!!

Oh, by the way, kudos!!!... Must say. “He” surely did his best this day… Good work Mad Paul… Was so impressed! Great songs, right mood… I must confess. Now on to where I was and then… Now where was I? Em… Um … Oh yeah!!! The room… I’m trapped within… no ruse. Just face to face... Destiny looms!

Perplexed, I struggled with the door, just trying to buy some time for sure. Alluring voice… “Come here, don’t fret”… Gave in… Exhaled … I turned… Oh heck!!! “Sit here”… She points a space by her… I drift and shift till we were latched. Persists… Resist… the mind game starts… Questions, answers… build up to facts.

She tried her best to spark a chat… Pretentious me… My tongue was wacked… “Yes” or “No”… my one-line tag… What’s up with that? Wake up! You slack. You dream awake in thoughts all day… now here’s your play… face it and crave. Might be that one last chance you’ve got… To make or break… Give it a thought.

Thanks for the push… I’ll make my move… Go now, don’t wait… Your time to snooze. Two lovers, cool… but three? A crowd. Turns out, you are the crowd… No doubt. A burn, a yearn to speak, I sense, so much to let out… With finesse. Looked up, eyes meet… a smile… Consent… “Let’s take a walk”… She said… Ah… yes!!!

But wait, Mad Paul… He’s got the keys. He locked us in and went to sleep. Just when I heaved to scream for him… Door opens up… She had the keys! She took my hands, I felt her Touch. So warm sends chills right through my pulp. With starry eyes, her lips so lush… Save me, save me… before I blush.

She gazed right through my heart and soul… could feel her probe my inner dome. Shattered, she knew… my crush and love… gave me a hug… “Let’s go… don’t talk". A long and silent walk ensues… to points unknown… just roam and moan. Romantic night, star studded skies…at last… a slab… we sat to chat.

I see you’re shy… you don’t talk much”… that much she knew… so much for words. She flips a pen, scribbling commence. In turn we put our thoughts to test. That’s where we laid it all to bare… our crush, our dreams… Unite… Confess. Her last few lines “I love you so…” She cracks… In tears… Love stole the show.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Fifth in the series... … ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "Confessions" showcases an ingenious means of communication... especially for the shy folks. It's been in practice for ages but came to the rescue in the line of fire. The journey continues... watch out for more!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Conspiracy: A poet’s Poetic Sojourn

The silence is deafening, anxiety… perspiring. Big wimp can’t talk… Could hear my thoughts. Suspended, a statue with pounding heart… Shy Guy! Shy Guy!! Oh please… Don’t start!!! Suddenly, a flare of music fills the air… So shocked, it almost took my breath… I’ll turn it up, so you could hear… listen, relate, the music plays…

“…I’ve been doing my own thing; love has finally found a way just having bad timing…”

Oh great, my tape… what time to play. Track two on queue gave me away… I could have stayed… No noise… Delayed. Just maybe “they” would go away. Now dazed, “they” know am in… They stayed. They lay and wait… Trapped in a cage. How true, the lyrics flow in tune… “Oh tell me if you want me to

Not you! Read on… You teasing freak. Who knows, mind tricks… may not be real. KNOCK! KNOCK!!... It’s REAL!!!... My Gosh… despair. There goes my guts… tiptoe… repel. Can’t stand and face this task tonight, just have to fade away and hide. I’ll face this war another day… Oh damn, the window’s bars… Exhale.

“Who’s there”? I growled, composed… With style, pretending all was cool and right. But no reply gave me the fright… Oh dear! Oh dear!!... Tracey tonight? I felt a cold sweat down my spine, towards the door… heart skips and grind. Can’t stand this torture anymore… Come on, go on… The Door! The Door!!

Relax, don’t shove; my race… Not yours. I carefully opened up the door. My mouth agape, I stare amazed… Alas, Mad Paul… His devious grace! “Gotcha”! “Gotcha”!! He screamed aloud. Breath held so high… Could touch the cloud. How could he toy with me like this? Just can’t believe… I fell for it.

Chill out”! He said… “Care for a drink”? Am crossed… No words… Went for a leak. Hmm… sweet relief… “Mad Paul can kill”… Ok, “On you”! The drinks… A deal. “But first” he said… “Please get my keys… just down the hall… my room… Go quick”. “I’ll take a leak… I need the ease… right here when done is where we’ll meet".

Stump down the hall to get the keys… His sweet red Jeep… Oh what a thrill. We’ll cruise and groove the campus breeze. That sure could soothe the way I feel. Barged in, no fuss… the door unlocks. Straight up the table… Grabbed the pouch. Oh gracious scent… a woman’s flare… Low and behold… Tracey!!! I froze!

Em, em, I… Ummm… I’m lost for words. Nice one! Mad Paul… Got me for sure. Could hear giggles outside the room… Click! Click!! Paul locks me in… I’m doomed. I turned and smiled… behold… a gem. The one, my love, my dream… I melt. “Relax my dear”… She said… serene. Hey guys… Time out… Free me... Release.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Forth in the series… ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "The Conspiracy" reveals the plot to get the author to meet with his dreams. The journey continues... watch out!
*** Lyrical extract from Groove Theory: Tell me

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bated Breath: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Yawn, yawn, more yawns… Oh digidy yawn, my mouth so wide, could stuff a ton. Woke up messed up, my head... those drums. Bathtub, great munch… Yeah! Back in form! Straight up to where I left you off, I had to sleep… Don’t you agree? I tossed and turned all through the night… Tracey! Tracey!! Till morning light.

Nightmare or dreams… Just couldn’t sleep, my head sure need some cool relief. A shot or two could do the trick… drink devil you, stay clear… Retreat!! But why all these heart troubling flakes, been two long years for heaven’s sake… I need to break away… Someday, could help… just let it out today.

It all started like a sordid smoke… Me, bloke… In love? Oh what a joke! “Single and free”; my tag for real, deep down… Guts failed me… Shush… Don’t squeal! A relationship, I craved… So warm, so deep… Just couldn’t bring myself to speak. That “girl-shy” thing… Weakness; my chill… Don’t tease… T’was then, not now… You clown.

That warm and dusty summer tide, two years ago, one campus night, remains my memory jolting smear… the day I laid it all to bear. Mad Paul had busted in my room, his mission? “Foolproof”… you’ll know that soon. Paul said “She’s coming tonight live”… “Who Paul”? I asked… “Tracey!!!”… Delight!

I laughed it all off … razzmatazz… though hoping it will come to pass. You see, Mad Paul was known for trash, can’t trust his words… mischief attached. “Get out of here… you bunch of lies… go tell that to the toilet flies”. We’ve never talked, just hi’s and byes, so, why the heck’s she coming by?

Chronicle Paul reveals his plot; He’d gone to “kiss and tell” my crush… Now Tracey plans to come for sure… Oh God, oh gosh… my farting butt! I quizzed and gored at Paul at will… Eye popping Tracey’s tale… unveils. “Who send you message”??? I exclaimed… Shivers, my knees can’t hold again.

Its 7:00pm right on the dot… still hope Mad Paul might’ve called a bluff… Dressed up, scented, tensed up and stuff… could hear my heart beat “budeebuum”. Now wait, this madness’ gone too far… she’s just a girl… can’t be that hard. I’ll stand; I’ll face right up to her… Yeah right! Run off… You big shy rat.

Laid back, Paul’s words kept reeling though…. He said “Tracey so love you too”. She’d tried her best to play the game; I was too shy… Oh crying shame. Now Paul had gone to make a way, tonight, right now… Is judgment day. Come rain and shine, I’ll face my fate… KNOCK! KNOCK!!... OH GOSH… Silence… Please wait.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Third in the series... … ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins. "Bated Breath" pretty much explains itself. The journey continues... watch out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Mind Drift: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Oh thanks a lot” I replied, warped up. “Was lost in thoughts… Ah, here’s your bucks”. Some sultry gulps and waves of sort, I rose… No more!!! Before I flop.
Staggered my way up stairs debased… Oh shush! Not drunk… Can't you relate? So dazed I dropped in bed or clay. The day was made... Unto daybreak.

Awake in bed, fagged out, I gazed... The ceiling haze, spins like a tape. Illusion waves appears again… Oh heck! leave me!! You piece of shame. I close my eyes to lock my mind; maybe this move will stop the vibes. I tried, I cried, imprisoned mind, no way in sight… Brace up and fight.

Now where am I? In Trans or flight? Amazing grace, oh what a sight. I found myself on dusty path, a student, in school… What??? Damn! yeah right! I walked the smooth but dusty road, to school for sure that path I know. A joint, Main gate… Oh friends of mine, so bored in school, trying to unwind.

Swell joint it was, the school was dry; on break, but chose to stay and play. Or was it lack of transport fare? No way! No Way!! Not with this flare. Sweet snooker shots, gyration floor… the DJ dropped new jams that rocked. The mood was right for fun tonight, I joined… hey such is campus life.

It’s over, we’re done and it’s time to go… The school gate beckons across the road. Whistles and drunken laugher flows, drunk Dave threw up… You wasted bloke. We’d barely crossed the school’s main gate, I noticed; romantic shadow play. It’s a dark star studded evening sky… Oh mine! Oh mine!! As cool as ice.

Romancing on a mould or slab… That much, my hazy eyes could grab. That slab, oh yes… The same old slab, where Tracey and I had first love chat. Two years have gone, seem like today, memories still lingers, hard to sway. My love, my life, my crimson tide… Savoring the moment…Silence... recline.

Engulfed in silence, unperturbed, we move towards the hostel’s lounge. I kept the couples scene in view, as it fades in dawning morning dew. They whisper sweet nothings in the air as the night breeze rustle the dry brown leaves, under my feet, but do they care???... Marooned in their world, closed up… Won't share.

Mind drifts again… Oh what a shame. Now Tracey takes the center stage. A relationship, I held aloft for real, it pained my soul to think t’was frill. A memorable time it was… No beef, had fun, great runs… Hmmm… Sex appeal. Ok, Ok… Get on with it??? Fagged out for now… Would sleep then speak...
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Second in the series… ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. “The Mind Drift” chronicles the dynamism of the human mind. If put to good use, you could “soar on eagles wings”… The mind is a powerful force… that which makes or mar you… put that force to good use or watch and waste your youth away… the choice is yours, be firm and strong. The journey continues… keep reading.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Retro Journey Begins: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

That period again, the yuletide! Periods to retro twist your mind. Sober reflections, oh I must mention… The highs and lows, success, sorrows. I made the best of the Christmas day, an opportunity, I reckon, to sleep or play.
Then came, the call… Time for the mall. Great fun for all… Was thrilled for sure.

I lodged in a nice hotel in style, to cap the daylong freaky miles. Time for some snacks and drinks; unwind… Straight to the pool I went… Reclined. Now alone, mind-boggling zone, my head tries retro-life bemoan. I fought it off with tricks I mustered... Drinks! More drinks!! Oh what a cluster.

Made hurried friends to quench the drench, loneliness, I guess might be the trench. It worked… For a while, drinks, jokes and smiles, then came rainfall, all ran… The hall. The session continues… Unperturbed. Gibbering rubbish… Booboo galore. CNN reports from a tube above, seem quite so far, alcohol filled curve.

The news! The news!! Oh yes the news… Kept blaring in my ears… Enthused. I turned to stare with awesome glare… Message of hope, beyond compare.
Now I’m glued, to the newfound tube, contrasting news leaves me confused. Gradually it sank, I listened in, my eyes and ears in disbelieve. What news? What news??… You may enthuse, I leave your mind and thoughts to rouse.

So wrapped, I starred in space, transfixed, was set adrift on memory bliss. That force, that thing that led to drinks, hits me with ease, I can’t resist. The gist and jokes now seem so far, bewildered, a sultry world apart. Pictures unfold in space with ease, memories indeed, are made of these.

I saw the good, bad, ugly and sad… Uuuuh, it made me feel so glad. To think I’ve made it well this far… Hmmm, oh what a past I’ve had. It’s been so long, my devious self, I saw so clear, could touch and shelf. The “naughties”, the tricks… Deceitful spree… The “girl shy” tags… Giggles attack

Adrift I went in search for more, my past unfolds, just can’t repose. Oh wait!!! Did I just say “girl shy”??? That tickles my funny bones to cry. Get this; my love life I despise, it makes me moan and grin with fright. You know, half here, half there… To share??? Ok, I’ll let you in… Don’t flare!

I sink deep down my seat; with ease… A sip could wet my wholesome feel. My first love thrills rewound, revealed. This makes for awesome love retreat. Where do I start? So much to say, my first love maze before my face… “YOUR MALT DRINK SIR!!!” Waiter exclaimed… He jerks me back to life again.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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A new concept in soulsearchpoetry for the year 2009. The first in a series tagged: “A poet's poetic sojourn” … retrospective soul searching revelation of a day in the life and times of an average, everyday contemporary poet trying to make a way in a world filled with life changing obstacles and distractions… subscribe, stay glued as I take you on a continous contour of mind trips… filled with suspense, thrills, trials and tribulations... successes and victories. Stay inspired… Be motivated… It’s all in you. Happy New Year!!!