Friday, January 2, 2009

The Mind Drift: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Oh thanks a lot” I replied, warped up. “Was lost in thoughts… Ah, here’s your bucks”. Some sultry gulps and waves of sort, I rose… No more!!! Before I flop.
Staggered my way up stairs debased… Oh shush! Not drunk… Can't you relate? So dazed I dropped in bed or clay. The day was made... Unto daybreak.

Awake in bed, fagged out, I gazed... The ceiling haze, spins like a tape. Illusion waves appears again… Oh heck! leave me!! You piece of shame. I close my eyes to lock my mind; maybe this move will stop the vibes. I tried, I cried, imprisoned mind, no way in sight… Brace up and fight.

Now where am I? In Trans or flight? Amazing grace, oh what a sight. I found myself on dusty path, a student, in school… What??? Damn! yeah right! I walked the smooth but dusty road, to school for sure that path I know. A joint, Main gate… Oh friends of mine, so bored in school, trying to unwind.

Swell joint it was, the school was dry; on break, but chose to stay and play. Or was it lack of transport fare? No way! No Way!! Not with this flare. Sweet snooker shots, gyration floor… the DJ dropped new jams that rocked. The mood was right for fun tonight, I joined… hey such is campus life.

It’s over, we’re done and it’s time to go… The school gate beckons across the road. Whistles and drunken laugher flows, drunk Dave threw up… You wasted bloke. We’d barely crossed the school’s main gate, I noticed; romantic shadow play. It’s a dark star studded evening sky… Oh mine! Oh mine!! As cool as ice.

Romancing on a mould or slab… That much, my hazy eyes could grab. That slab, oh yes… The same old slab, where Tracey and I had first love chat. Two years have gone, seem like today, memories still lingers, hard to sway. My love, my life, my crimson tide… Savoring the moment…Silence... recline.

Engulfed in silence, unperturbed, we move towards the hostel’s lounge. I kept the couples scene in view, as it fades in dawning morning dew. They whisper sweet nothings in the air as the night breeze rustle the dry brown leaves, under my feet, but do they care???... Marooned in their world, closed up… Won't share.

Mind drifts again… Oh what a shame. Now Tracey takes the center stage. A relationship, I held aloft for real, it pained my soul to think t’was frill. A memorable time it was… No beef, had fun, great runs… Hmmm… Sex appeal. Ok, Ok… Get on with it??? Fagged out for now… Would sleep then speak...
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Second in the series… ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. “The Mind Drift” chronicles the dynamism of the human mind. If put to good use, you could “soar on eagles wings”… The mind is a powerful force… that which makes or mar you… put that force to good use or watch and waste your youth away… the choice is yours, be firm and strong. The journey continues… keep reading.

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