Friday, January 23, 2009

The Revelation: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Once in a while she’ll wail and cry, to try and carve her wish on mine. She’d seldom try to push her luck; maybe we could just tweak the “law”. These made me feel so insecure, what’s with this “hot and cold” galore? I thought her faith was so genuine… Trusted so much was so in tune.

I tried my best or so I thought. Behind closed doors, it’s quite a shock; as Tracey presses home her wants… “Just once”… “Stop it!!” … Oh what a ruse. Sometimes I’d give in; all for love… Don’t get me wrong, wanted it more. We’d seldom loose our head with fun… I get the blame when all is done.

Imagine how you’d feel et al, when all you get is “What’ve YOU done”? Self guilt, the devil… “What da heck!” to think she’d started it at first. Made up my mind to end the stress and put this whole “love lust” to rest. Never again! I had declared will I join her in “sinful” flares.

Each day I’m puzzled by the maze, sometimes I’d wonder… “Why the craze”? She could as well just end it all, that way she’d face her “new life” call. No way! Not Tracey Salvador, she had her ways mapped out like law. Wanted so much to keep her man, brainwashing tricks was all she planned.

Best of both worlds she plot and got, loved her too much to even budge. She’d even got me off to church, believe by faith; was touched by God. Once we were vain and prone to lust, but then I grew in faith; could stall. The trust and love waxed on so strong, amazing grace; lived above lust.

Days went; then weeks, stuck to my guns… She knew I meant it now; no wrongs! Impressed with how willpower had grown; gradually put a stop to moan. Her visits dropped, night calls on hold; claimed “busy life” had made it so. Then came news flash; unholy ones, my guards are rocked; a rose with thorns.

I heard so much but still kept mute, just can’t believe… It can’t be true! “I know her more than they could know”? Wake up! Young man… Just learn and grow. Seem much went down behind my back, funny how you’re the last to grasp. Blinded by trust and placid faith, I chose to shake it off like flakes.

Then came that gloomy night in May; popped in some rumors as we played. Startled, unsettled, quite displaced… Tracey broke down to my dismay. “You knew??? My God!!! I can explain!!!” her loads of tales were all so lame. Turns out that all I heard replayed, that flushed my trust right down the drain.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Eight in the series...A poet’s poetic sojourn which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "The Revelation" simply confirms the saying that "not all that glitter is gold". As long as we're all human, we're subject to changes with respect to our immediate environment. Trust is a strong word... What you "trusted" yourself NOT to ever do ten years ago... Can you truely say you still "trust" yourself enough NOT to do it now?? The story continues...

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