Monday, January 12, 2009

The First Kiss: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

I held her close, our warmth … Co-host; it drove the cold beyond the coast. Oh tears appear, just can’t repel, emotions true… our guards diffuse. Wrapped up in two; like lovers do… Could see my dreams are coming true, we slowly fade away with grace… Into the darkened night we sway.

The feeling is mutual”… I recollect; her last few scribbles before she wrecked. My Gosh! Had dreamt, had wished and cranked… But all these while she craved my hands. My hands, my hands, those plastic hands, lay stiff around her waist… Like plank. She’d put it there to boost my moves, foiled in a plan for me to smooch.

I tried to slip my hands away, not used to this; felt kind of strange. She knew and grabbed it … Uh! So close. “Hold me”… She said… Ecstatic mode. I pinched my butt so I could feel; could be a dream… This can’t be real. Arms wrapped around Tracey… So free? Oh my… “That hurts”… It’s real! It’s real!!

We crept right back to Paul’s Abode… The night was cold… Out of control. Snuggled inside to warm our feet, a cup of tea? Ah… that’s the trick! Secret admirer tales exchanged, could hardly stare… Not face to face. Moved close, her fingers starts to play… “Oh floor, please give and make a way”.

Slowly, she lifted up my chin; I saw those eyes and lush red lips. My heart had stopped; can’t feel my pulse… Oh lord, come down… I need your touch! I tried to talk; can’t find the words, spell bound, the moment holds me down. Don’t talk, relax and let it flow… Could hear the message of my soul.

Closer, I felt her facial loom, erotic fumes of her perfume. She gazed with sparsely opened eyes, her message sank deep down inside. I flipped my tongue across my lips, to wet its crackled funny feel. Seems like I’m in a fix for real… A mighty gulp of nothing … Wimp!

It’s time, it’s time… It’s really time; my tangled life tries to unwind. It’s been so long, I’ve hoped and lust… right here and now… Adrenaline rush! My dead bone comes to life to play, my fingers shocks my eyes… Display. So soft a touch, our lips are crushed… A long and memorable kiss enthralls.

So deep, the kiss… The lull and feel, it was everything I’d wished within. My first love kiss… Oh what a thrill but... Shush!!! Don’t let her know this… Please. Lifeless she laid… My arms embrace… My sudden burst of guts… She praise. Eulogized my touch and gentle ways… Now, “who’s the man”? I hear you say…
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Sixth in the series... ”A poet’s poetic sojourn” which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "The First Kiss" Hmmm... Need I say more??? The journey continues... watch out for more!

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