Friday, April 3, 2009

The Dawn: a Poet's Poetic Sojourn

Hush, hush, just rush; where to?... Unknown, just want to leave the sordid zone. Paul brings Ann up into the fray, "Oh shit! Oh shit!!"... Could hear her say. With heavy heart, I tried to hide the tear-bag just below my eyes. Damn! All the while Ann knew the trade... Sped off, am staged and mocked again.

Quickened their feet to match my pace, t'was like we all were in a race. "Slow down, my man!" Paul screams aloud, exhausted from my frantic bounce. With teary eyes, gazed at the sky, so dark, no single star in sight. Why me? Why me?? Could hear the wind echo the whisper of my lips.

Ann tried some words to comfort me, like what in hell could those words be? "It may just not be what you think"... Yeah right! Please pass and let me breathe! How stupid did she make me feel? OK, might just be "night" vigil? Damn, anyways, we trot along, Dave's party noise flares from beyond.

The venue bubbles as we reached, some hefty bouncers; fierce and mean. Stepped up to clear ourselves and wow!!!... Into the party dome we go. In there, we partied; lots of fun... Just watch Dave Duamlong strut his stuff. Straight up... mad drinking through the night, will feed my eyes till morning light.

Oh No, it's Dave the celebrant... Coming for me and sure to rant. Tracey's my IV here, you see; not here? Might have to take my leave. "OK" he said, "You know the drill... No Tracey?... Oya, rise and flee" Oh Dave... My guy! So drunk and high, must leave before he hits the sky.

Oh what a night's turned out to be, thrown out into the darkened street. Mind warped and drifting through the wind, my room! my room!! Oh where at thee? The path seem strange and weary now, I'm high on wine, don't laugh... Or frawn! Hey look, the floor's rising to me.... Gbosaaa!!! Great stars, twinkles I see!

OK, so where the heck am I, I can't be drunk... No way, a lie! The floor retreats, am on my feet... *light bulb*, who pushed the floor at me? Staggered my way right back on track, Now see the path that takes me back. It's 3am, am off to crash. Hic! Hic!! Forget this night of trash.

Hey wait, what's that across the field? The female dome? Now that's the key. I must be close; just nine more poles and I'll be home to wear my robe. My grieving soul!!! The lovers' zone... That's where I last saw Tracey "Stone". She must have gone to sleep... For real. Curious, I Peeked... MY GOD! Spank meeeeeeeeeee!!!

... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection