Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rude Awakening: a Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

Oh, I get it!!! She’s dressed for me… now fit to hit the party stream. Some drugs she took must’ve worked so soon; won’t mind to have such in my room. My hands aloft, put up a show… Trying to catch her attention so. Jumped up and down, joined by Mad Paul; the distance stretched… She moved along.

My gracious me!!! She’s dressed to kill… No pain again, just frills and thrills. I’m short of words, a speechless dumb… Could see but seem just like a dream. What wondrous drug could’ve calmed the dust; a while ago she moaned and fussed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s up… Just bear with me; in shock, that’s all.

She didn’t see us as we waved; a sudden smile across my face. I felt so cool just watching Paul, drooling from Tracey’s awesome shorts. Excitedly I moved to meet my darling Tracey by a tree. I guessed she changed her mind and tried to take me on just by surprise.

A rude awakening beckons me as I moved towards her shadow spree. “Hunk” Hunk”… Car horn directs her path through grassy patch where it was parked. She hopped into a waiting car right in the darkened lover’s park. It dawned on me… Been played for real, witnessed a clip not meant for me.

I froze, so stiff… I couldn’t move, what transpired had just flipped my mood. I stare so deep into the dark, right where the dubious car was parked. It was so dark; dull lights of sort; knocks out the “bible study” thoughts. I’ve been a fool, am so bemused… How long have I been tricked and used?

Before my eyes, two shadows meet, within the car… Embrace for real. "What’s going on?"... You want a speech? You big “moron”! Stay there and frisk! Some subtle kiss and cautious peek; pinned down the doors, reclined the seats. I guess it’s time for her to "preach", “Within the dark?” Oh Yeah! You freak!

How could this be? So much deceit… The shame; my pals were there to see. I’m in a trance… exposed by chance; Oh Gosh, I wished I’d never… Damn! Amidst my pensive sordid state, behind, soft hands across my face. I’m blinded but it’s all a game… Guess who? Its Ann... Now out to play.

If only she could read my mind; what I’ve been put through by her kind. She’d know best not to grin or smile, my heart bleeds but could cope just fine. Not in the mood for fun and games, Mad Paul could read that from my face. “Hi Ann, what’s up?” I said, so flogged. Let’s go, let’s go… Left in a rush.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection


Monday, March 16, 2009

A Pie of Lies: a Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

My eyes popped out as she explained, from tale to tale, she tied the trail. Defensive twist of mottled lies; convinced she’d served a perfect pie. “Went there to make a call” she claimed… “My Uncle’s place at park view lane”. That’s quite a call; all through the night, “Uncle” indeed… What treacherous plight.

She rants to push my case aback and turns defense into attack. I’m so bemused by twist of tunes; now seem I am the one accused. Oh yes she knows my buttons well, with time she puts my fears to rest. How smart she was; or so she thought, her mangled face, I’m forced to clot.

Apologies from me to her; “accused her wrongly”… That’s the catch. Could see all through her feeble yarns but chose to tag along with her. Who could resist that lustful touch? Just quit the fuss… I’m in her clutch. Fulfilled, she gave that soothing smile, a sweet warm hug… We’re back in line.

As days go by, more shocking blur; disturbing mysteries rocks my core. Contradictory sail, defensive wail; exposed by lies to fix stale tales. Beyond the veil I felt her pain, deep down could see her pride in chains. She’d never wished for me to know; tried all so hard, but shot her toes.

Then came that birthday night for Dave, Tracey and I had planned to grace. She came to me in so much pain, “can’t make the party”… She exclaimed. “Not in this state”, I had concurred, will have to go with her accord; “You go alone and have some fun, I’ll take some drugs, then try to slump.

She rose and made her way to lay, straight path, right down the pile of hay. Quiver with fever as we move, escorted her back to her room. Back at my base, was so enslaved as Tracey’s messed up state replays. Felt kind of sad with all the snag, not keen to wave the party flag.

Mad Paul had jerked me off from bed, his usual self… So full of stress. “I need to pick my babe”, he said… “Escort me there before you rest.” “Oh please, not there again”, I said, “the female dome? Just back from there! Escorted Tracey off to bed, I need to lay and rest my head.”

Oh well, am there again with Paul, let’s say he filled my bed with thorns. It’s late, we’d sent for Ann… Paul’s “babe”, strolled to a darkened zone to wait. We’d barely sat to wait for Ann; a shadowy figure strut the flank. She’s fully dressed to rock the night, a closer look… Tracey!!! I’m blank.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection

Sorry, I've been off for a while and glad to be back... I guess I stretched the break for the season of love too long ;-). "A Pie of Lies"... Eight in the series... "A Poet's Poetic Sojourn" which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. It basically showcases the spiralling effect of lies once started; you'll have to lie to cover up another lie and this goes on until you're engulfed. By this time the truth is made obvious by your "life of lies", the crumbling aftermath can be devastating. Be true to yourself and be appreciated for WHO YOU ARE and not what people expect you to be.