Wednesday, December 31, 2008

iPeace Day... Sharing peace,Making a difference

iPeaceSharing Peace - Making A Difference
iPeace Day: 31/12/2008
There are a million things you can do without leaving home.
  • Be peaceful
  • Dedicate yourself to sharing your peace - ‘infect’ peace around you
  • Write a poem for peace
  • Make a video, Post a Video
  • Organise a concert for peace
  • Play music in the streets for peace
  • Plant a tree
  • Blog or write an article
  • Organise a gathering
  • Pray
  • Light a candle
  • Teach peace
  • Organise Ipeace Day events in your campus
  • Medidate
  • Run for Peace, Walk for Peace
  • Organize a game or a match for peace (any sport)
  • Have a peace dinner with friends (or with strangers)
  • Anything that will express peace – for you
  • Live without fear
  • Get kids involved – Get kids involved
Download this poster and spread the word... iPeace08a,
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Designed by Denise Jacobs & Christopher Stewart.

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Unwavering Strive ~~

In search of happiness
Sorrow creeps in, slowly
Like a thief in the night, taking over my life
I’m caught unaware, absorbed in despair
My dreams though feted… Joy defeated

Wind blow east, wind blow west
God! When will I find rest?
Another day, another strain
Joy? Yet to no avail
Wishes and dreams on feeble trips
Crushed and drowned by nature’s tricks
I sit to ponder...Could joy be yonder?
Why me? Why me?? I quizzed and wonder!

Sadness engulfs the atmosphere
Tomorrow? Way beyond compare
Loneliness clears a path to tour
Familiarization… Its aim for sure
Retreat dares its ugly head
But love conquers all… so, don't despair

A divine ray, so pure shines through
Amidst the foggy dust and dew
Now am cold, my life unfolds
I now know, oh yes I know!
Those pains, I see were meant for gains
Take heed, love life, unwavering strive
These words of note, proposed for hope
I lay to rest, fulfilled at best.

Celebration of life!!!... As promised, the second poem in memory of Sarah Toller... First was "Oh Pain"...Check that out too. It's new year's eve already (here in Nigeria... 04:00am), just couldn't wait to get this off my chest. Renewed zest I now posses, just going over this poem again and again. Will type some more later today... need to prepare for the "sweeping" out of 2008 into my history books, 2009 beckons... Enough said for now.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Personal Poem Titled ~~ Oh Pain ~~

Daybreak! The bathroom door I face
Frustration dawns on me again
Great hunger strain, struggles? No gain
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

Wave of woe, nothing to show
Life's spinning wheel, oiled but not free
Problems so tough, I solve in vain
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

Everyday, live like a slave
I'm trapped within my inner cave
Someday I'll win
When will this be?
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

First of two (2) poems dedicated to the life and times of Sarah Toller (February 7, 1977 - June 12, 2007). I never met or knew Sarah while she was alive... In fact, I only just stumbled on her blog a few days ago. Even in death... her blog continues to inspire and motivate others. I was really touched by the content of the blog (quite long... I read it all). This was a lady that suffered from a cancerous disease called "melanoma"... she fought it but eventually gave up the ghost. She left her "footprints" in the sand of time with her blog, what thrills me is her determination all through, her self denial for considerate reasons. To live each day as it comes, knowing you won't be around too long; now, that's pretty difficult. I learnt a lot from her blog (pretty much sums up her live), just like that of her friend, Heather. Take time out to browse through these sites and appreciate the gift of health amongst other things... "you complain of not having shoes to wear till you meet someone with no feet". Did you notice something???... ... their posts stopped. Life is for a while... make the best of it... while you can. As we journey into 2009, we should pause for a thought; tomorrow is the last day of 2008, never to be seen again... HOW MANY LIVES HAVE YOU TOUCHED POSITIVELY IN 2008???... You have one more day to IMPROVE THE STATISTICS. Sarah has been a source of inspiration... Even in death. What legacy are you leaving???

The second poem, "Unwavering Strive" will be posted tomorrow, coincidentally THE LAST DAY OF 2008. Should make for sober reflection and refocusing for the new year. Have a very fun-filled New Year 's Eve!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ The Reluctant Father ~~

Relationship quakes with bitter aches
I gave it all but lost to lust
My heart is shut, emotions dulled
Never again! I moan in pain.

Aggrieved, transfixed in lonely bliss
They come, I gate… “Not this time mate
Whispers, they say… “Could he be gay?”
With chauvinist rage, in bed, we played.

No strings attached, point made… Depart!
Nine months brings retro-life remorse
A child, a gift, my life long dream
So sweet, I melt in awesome glee

Love struck, at peace, progressive spree
Now who said, “Damn, He won’t agree”?
Turns out that we were meant to be
Praise be… I will it all to Thee.

Not every evil that befalls a man is actually "evil"... it might just be that stepping stone to the next level of your steady rise to fulfilling your destiny. Brace up to challenges in life, take it as it comes, its all part of a building process. What you want in life might just not be what YOU NEED. Be it good, bad, ugly or out rightly unbelievable, nature has a way of making things work together... for good. Be generous, kind and helpful and nature will bless and make your path right... whether you like it or not. This reminds me of my favorite praise song which goes thus... "Great is His faithfulness, Great is His faithfulness... Morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed thy hands have provided... Great is Thy faithfulness... Lord unto thee" . Stay inspired.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Pre-Birth: The Peace Within ~~

The warmth, the calm, the peace within
The eagerness, the push, the wish to live
To share, to love, together and free
Alas! In tears I came to be

My hopes, my dreams, way out of reach
The rage, the thirst for blood I see
To live, to die, survival spree
Weapons are bound, no food to eat

The greed of man, to win or kill
The maddening wine; Supremacy!
The racial thing... This Black... That White
Deceitful Veil, same blood, same frame

The call, the need for peace is real
To share and care, we must agree
Together in love, we'll change the world
Just stop to think... The peace within

I wrote this poem in tears, seeing people die for nothing. The "9/11" episode just sums it up... The individual idealism of a few have so much changed the world... we now live in fear of even our so-called neighbors. Do we really win when we fight, kill and maim???... is there really satisfaction in inflicting pain and misery on your kind for supremacy??? It's just a matter of time. As we journey into 2009, the future is quite pregnant... BE MOTIVATED TO INSPIRE CHANGES, BE AT PEACE WITH THE WORLD... LIFE'S A GIFT!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Virtual Reality ~~

Nightfall, in fear we sprawl
Creatures crawl in search of blood
Mystery drum turns on the heat
Stop! Its your fast heartbeat!

Squeak and scream, your eyes aglow
Time to know the twilight zone
Shadow spree, subjects unseen
Take to your heels? You can't be free

Struggle you may, to freedom's bay
Imprisoned mind, dark side you'll find
But when you feel you cannot cope
Just snap to know... You're all alone.

The fear of the unknown sometimes enslave us and limit our ability to achieve. We're often our own worst enemy as we point accusing fingers at others for our misfortunes. The solution has never been in finding who to blame but in bracing up to the challenges of surmounting the lingering hurdle... which is a measure of your successes in life. Break out of the shackles of self induced fear and experience blissful breakthroughs... you're being haunted by your own shadow.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~Sacrilege ~~

The heavens and earth in harmonious truce
The sharing alliance; the day-night loop
The land, the sea, the clear blue skies
Come rain and shine, the birth of life.

With open arms, they beckon for man
The beauty and peace they give for free
But like a thief, we steal our things
Oh treacherous beasts... Destroying their dream.

Why slave and crave for worthless fame
All come to naught that day... In grave
Awake and see, you'll bloat to shame
Embrace yourselves, unite... They pray.

Neglecting Nature's gifts, we often struggle for what is naturally ours. Funny how we do "wrong" to make "right"... which sparks a continuous loop of "wrongs"; a never ending self induced struggle through life. Nature was created for us in tranquility and equilibrium... see what we've made of nature??? See beyond the skin... experience nature's wish. Have a very Merry Christmas Day!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ In-Deep-End-Dent ~~

Dropped alive
The air was dry
Spanked my butt
They made me cry
For some years I sucked and crawled
Made to face life's senseless brawl

Do this! Do that!! Oh what a pain
That "home training" crap gist again
I need to break away to play
Just so my youth won't go to waste

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! I've got my break
This "free-life" stuff is surely great
Gun shots, jail terms, I'm stuck with "crack"
Bang! Bang!! Oh God... My life is grass.

Growing up, our youthful exuberance captured a better part of our psych. We tend to live life like we know it all... only to realise later (for the fortunate few...) that life itself is a continuous learning process. YOU ONLY STOP LEARNING WHEN YOU'RE DEAD. Unfortunately, such youthful madness never gave some the opportunity to ever learn again... are you living???

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Attraction ~~

The notice, the interest... The cautious gaze
The wish to meet... To love or hate
The clash of eyes... Desires relate
Bloated with pride... The spineless state.

Pretend and stall... "Good looks" as bait
Daydreams with ease... Mind boggling wait
Who makes the move... For heaven's sake
No end in sight... Bold step to take.

The armor within... Courage and faith
Backed up with sweet alluring grace
Few lies with style... Intentions made
Submissive smile... At last... A date!

We're often a victim of pretence... until what we want looses interest in us. I believe in the concept of "try and try again"... You'll be surprised that all that was actually needed was just that first move. If you really want it... GO FOR IT!!!. Life's too short to wait and ponder.

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Derailed ~~

Focused on a goal with a daring purpose
Persuasive distractions frame a logo
The mistake of notice, breeds curiosity and interest
Attention changes... the veil comes on

Misplaced commitment slowly creeps in
Swimming deep down the sea of fantasies
Caught in a web of deceitful pleasures
Its dream time in fool's paradise!

Year in, Year out, nothing to show
Frustrations deal a constant blow
Solitude... Head drops in self pity
Realization thunders through
Tears of regret pulls down the veil
Time never stopped to wait!

A belated pause to reason
Retrospective view... retracing
Determination steps back on track
The bitter experience tightens the slack
Once again... Focused on a goal.

I can relate to this, more or less a true reflection of my past. We tend to lose focus on what is real sometimes and place so much importance on frivolities. We're so much pressured to achieve but fail to realize we're derailing... BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. It takes a strong mental mind to understand the simplicity of living and existence.