Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Personal Poem Titled ~~ Oh Pain ~~

Daybreak! The bathroom door I face
Frustration dawns on me again
Great hunger strain, struggles? No gain
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

Wave of woe, nothing to show
Life's spinning wheel, oiled but not free
Problems so tough, I solve in vain
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

Everyday, live like a slave
I'm trapped within my inner cave
Someday I'll win
When will this be?
Oh pain! Oh pain!! Oh pain!!!

First of two (2) poems dedicated to the life and times of Sarah Toller (February 7, 1977 - June 12, 2007). I never met or knew Sarah while she was alive... In fact, I only just stumbled on her blog a few days ago. Even in death... her blog continues to inspire and motivate others. I was really touched by the content of the blog (quite long... I read it all). This was a lady that suffered from a cancerous disease called "melanoma"... she fought it but eventually gave up the ghost. She left her "footprints" in the sand of time with her blog, what thrills me is her determination all through, her self denial for considerate reasons. To live each day as it comes, knowing you won't be around too long; now, that's pretty difficult. I learnt a lot from her blog (pretty much sums up her live), just like that of her friend, Heather. Take time out to browse through these sites and appreciate the gift of health amongst other things... "you complain of not having shoes to wear till you meet someone with no feet". Did you notice something???... ... their posts stopped. Life is for a while... make the best of it... while you can. As we journey into 2009, we should pause for a thought; tomorrow is the last day of 2008, never to be seen again... HOW MANY LIVES HAVE YOU TOUCHED POSITIVELY IN 2008???... You have one more day to IMPROVE THE STATISTICS. Sarah has been a source of inspiration... Even in death. What legacy are you leaving???

The second poem, "Unwavering Strive" will be posted tomorrow, coincidentally THE LAST DAY OF 2008. Should make for sober reflection and refocusing for the new year. Have a very fun-filled New Year 's Eve!!!

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