Sunday, December 28, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Pre-Birth: The Peace Within ~~

The warmth, the calm, the peace within
The eagerness, the push, the wish to live
To share, to love, together and free
Alas! In tears I came to be

My hopes, my dreams, way out of reach
The rage, the thirst for blood I see
To live, to die, survival spree
Weapons are bound, no food to eat

The greed of man, to win or kill
The maddening wine; Supremacy!
The racial thing... This Black... That White
Deceitful Veil, same blood, same frame

The call, the need for peace is real
To share and care, we must agree
Together in love, we'll change the world
Just stop to think... The peace within

I wrote this poem in tears, seeing people die for nothing. The "9/11" episode just sums it up... The individual idealism of a few have so much changed the world... we now live in fear of even our so-called neighbors. Do we really win when we fight, kill and maim???... is there really satisfaction in inflicting pain and misery on your kind for supremacy??? It's just a matter of time. As we journey into 2009, the future is quite pregnant... BE MOTIVATED TO INSPIRE CHANGES, BE AT PEACE WITH THE WORLD... LIFE'S A GIFT!!!

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