Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ In-Deep-End-Dent ~~

Dropped alive
The air was dry
Spanked my butt
They made me cry
For some years I sucked and crawled
Made to face life's senseless brawl

Do this! Do that!! Oh what a pain
That "home training" crap gist again
I need to break away to play
Just so my youth won't go to waste

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! I've got my break
This "free-life" stuff is surely great
Gun shots, jail terms, I'm stuck with "crack"
Bang! Bang!! Oh God... My life is grass.

Growing up, our youthful exuberance captured a better part of our psych. We tend to live life like we know it all... only to realise later (for the fortunate few...) that life itself is a continuous learning process. YOU ONLY STOP LEARNING WHEN YOU'RE DEAD. Unfortunately, such youthful madness never gave some the opportunity to ever learn again... are you living???

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