Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Unwavering Strive ~~

In search of happiness
Sorrow creeps in, slowly
Like a thief in the night, taking over my life
I’m caught unaware, absorbed in despair
My dreams though feted… Joy defeated

Wind blow east, wind blow west
God! When will I find rest?
Another day, another strain
Joy? Yet to no avail
Wishes and dreams on feeble trips
Crushed and drowned by nature’s tricks
I sit to ponder...Could joy be yonder?
Why me? Why me?? I quizzed and wonder!

Sadness engulfs the atmosphere
Tomorrow? Way beyond compare
Loneliness clears a path to tour
Familiarization… Its aim for sure
Retreat dares its ugly head
But love conquers all… so, don't despair

A divine ray, so pure shines through
Amidst the foggy dust and dew
Now am cold, my life unfolds
I now know, oh yes I know!
Those pains, I see were meant for gains
Take heed, love life, unwavering strive
These words of note, proposed for hope
I lay to rest, fulfilled at best.

Celebration of life!!!... As promised, the second poem in memory of Sarah Toller... First was "Oh Pain"...Check that out too. It's new year's eve already (here in Nigeria... 04:00am), just couldn't wait to get this off my chest. Renewed zest I now posses, just going over this poem again and again. Will type some more later today... need to prepare for the "sweeping" out of 2008 into my history books, 2009 beckons... Enough said for now.

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