Monday, December 29, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ The Reluctant Father ~~

Relationship quakes with bitter aches
I gave it all but lost to lust
My heart is shut, emotions dulled
Never again! I moan in pain.

Aggrieved, transfixed in lonely bliss
They come, I gate… “Not this time mate
Whispers, they say… “Could he be gay?”
With chauvinist rage, in bed, we played.

No strings attached, point made… Depart!
Nine months brings retro-life remorse
A child, a gift, my life long dream
So sweet, I melt in awesome glee

Love struck, at peace, progressive spree
Now who said, “Damn, He won’t agree”?
Turns out that we were meant to be
Praise be… I will it all to Thee.

Not every evil that befalls a man is actually "evil"... it might just be that stepping stone to the next level of your steady rise to fulfilling your destiny. Brace up to challenges in life, take it as it comes, its all part of a building process. What you want in life might just not be what YOU NEED. Be it good, bad, ugly or out rightly unbelievable, nature has a way of making things work together... for good. Be generous, kind and helpful and nature will bless and make your path right... whether you like it or not. This reminds me of my favorite praise song which goes thus... "Great is His faithfulness, Great is His faithfulness... Morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed thy hands have provided... Great is Thy faithfulness... Lord unto thee" . Stay inspired.

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