Thursday, December 25, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~Sacrilege ~~

The heavens and earth in harmonious truce
The sharing alliance; the day-night loop
The land, the sea, the clear blue skies
Come rain and shine, the birth of life.

With open arms, they beckon for man
The beauty and peace they give for free
But like a thief, we steal our things
Oh treacherous beasts... Destroying their dream.

Why slave and crave for worthless fame
All come to naught that day... In grave
Awake and see, you'll bloat to shame
Embrace yourselves, unite... They pray.

Neglecting Nature's gifts, we often struggle for what is naturally ours. Funny how we do "wrong" to make "right"... which sparks a continuous loop of "wrongs"; a never ending self induced struggle through life. Nature was created for us in tranquility and equilibrium... see what we've made of nature??? See beyond the skin... experience nature's wish. Have a very Merry Christmas Day!!!

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