Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personal Poem Titled: ~~ Derailed ~~

Focused on a goal with a daring purpose
Persuasive distractions frame a logo
The mistake of notice, breeds curiosity and interest
Attention changes... the veil comes on

Misplaced commitment slowly creeps in
Swimming deep down the sea of fantasies
Caught in a web of deceitful pleasures
Its dream time in fool's paradise!

Year in, Year out, nothing to show
Frustrations deal a constant blow
Solitude... Head drops in self pity
Realization thunders through
Tears of regret pulls down the veil
Time never stopped to wait!

A belated pause to reason
Retrospective view... retracing
Determination steps back on track
The bitter experience tightens the slack
Once again... Focused on a goal.

I can relate to this, more or less a true reflection of my past. We tend to lose focus on what is real sometimes and place so much importance on frivolities. We're so much pressured to achieve but fail to realize we're derailing... BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. It takes a strong mental mind to understand the simplicity of living and existence.

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