Saturday, January 17, 2009

Born Against: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

A relationship had started, a love bond sealed; one I thought my life would need. It was good, went well and all was “swell”… But all good start comes to an end. I gave her my life; she WAS my life, understanding with trust… Could be my wife. No day goes by; she’s by my side… “Without you, love, I’ll shrink and die”.

Yeah right! Good line; “I’ll shrink and die” Like I was dead before we met. No man can make his life your own, take heed my friends… Control your throne. Well, anyways, back to my lines… “Without you, love… I’ll shrink and die”. Emotions clouded brain release… What else could’ve made me say such things?

We’d built an envious life with ease; the type the world puck nosed to see. Accepted by our family tree… Integrity was all there is. This made for jealous frills and tricks, some people just can’t stand your peace. They tried to break the bond we share; we were too much in love to care.

Days went by, love knew no bounds… “Hear says” and rumors all around. We had so much going for us, to hell with all the rumor gongs. Within a year we’d gone that far, who’d thought we’d ever stay apart. But then came fears of being secured… some girls dared her; wanted my love.

Take this from me, lovers out there… What you don’t know won’t make you growl. But when your instinct starts to probe, follow the flow, the truth unfolds. Most times your fears’ be brought to bear; right up your face, exposed and clear. So, if you cannot stand the “smoke”… Stay off the kitchen bloke… You’ll choke!

She took a step of faith to wage… A war against the savaged dames, “A step of FAITH” without bargain… She chose and claimed she’s “born again”. New rules she brought into the play… French kiss and sex… Out of the way! Her aim… To get me in the game, that way those dames can’t hit their craze.

Wanted so bad to make it work, she stretched me till “thy kingdom come”. True love cannot be swayed by frails, accept it all for peace to reign. But please, just let me be “myself”; pretentious life could lead to shame. Respect her new found way of life, but let me take my path in strides.

This wave of difference caged our flow; communication gap begins to grow. Turns out she’d often want my touch… Pretentious blocks won’t make her talk. Sometimes she’d try to break the code; her human want would take control. I’m always there to help… “Say No”, turns out I’d helped to stage revolt.
... Personal Inspiration and Motivational Poetry Collection
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Seventh in the series...A poet’s poetic sojourn which started withThe Retro Journey Begins”. "Born Against" reveals a deceitful religious method of getting your man to stay faithful to you. Communication breakdown is more often than not... The root of problems in a relationship. The journey continues... watch out for more!

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