Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Vanity ~~

A whirly wind of wistful lust
Laden with jealous traits
Filling the void of mutual trust
The enthralling world of hate.

Like wanderers, we drift amiss
Our conscience laced with greed
While bickerings begot senseless rifts
... Humanity receeds

Ye wallow in famed conceitedness
The gains of grievous deeds
Stampeding unto nothingness
The veil... Desires... Deceit.

With open eyes, we blindly grope
In the darkness of our minds
Into abysmal depth of woe
Where hope desert mankind.

This loftiness... Our quest for best
The crowning crave for wealth
Transcends not while we're laid to rest
In the dirt of mother earth.

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