Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Personal Poem: ~~ Dead Awake ~~

The morning rays...
Ushers in a new day
Yet another day...
Another chance to make head way.

I sway in disarray.
Laced in a lingering phase of decay
Reminiscing... Last year in May...
Oh God!... Where did it all go astray?

But I lay awake... Debased
Dazed in my pondering state of shame
I dare to say in my dismay...
"How do I make it through the day?"

I'm enslaved in delays...
A self-inflicted mental maze
And it's all because I lay...
Lamenting my case... Awake!

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Vicad Torex said...

it's a nice and great read

i hope this also interest you


From earth, went forth, and back to earth,
The classic tale of any man.
'Tis in-between that lights the heart
And differs us from man, to man.

Each one of us, was born the same
A soul of joy without a name
Blank slates; to write his own story
Either with mar, or with glory

Good enough is not good enough
Average just makes our lives more tough
No destiny is forged in steel
Nor fate: an impeccable seal

There is no fate of such hard range
That human act can never change
There's not a thing we can't obtain
Until we lend our mind a lease

Great men were born ordinary men
Sometimes they fail nine out of ten
When the storms of life comes close up
They give, and give, but not give up

From dung and mire, many have rose
They toil the day, even the night!
The path to glory'll never close
'Tis forever an open right

If you too walk the extra mile
Your legs will grace the golden aisle
Have faith in you, and remain true
'Cause greatness too is meant for you

Written By Adetimilehin "Vic'Adex" Inioluwa