Sunday, March 10, 2013

Personal Poem: ~~ Back To Life ~~

How do I let go of what we have?
The realities of my past
A moulding foundation of who I am
... The sincerity of my heart

How do I channel this passion called love?
... We've gone our separate ways
I've tried... It's no delusion 'cause...
No one can take your place.

So long but seems like yesterday
Memories that makes us real
I wish it'll all come back to stay
That reach beyond my dreams

I thought I'd cope, I'd let you go
Set free my wind beneath
But now I know... My life's on hold
Without you... I'm bereaved.

I long to love, to share and care
... Caged passion since you left
To run my fingers through your hair
... Bring back the joy I felt.

My love for you will never change
This much I know is true
In all I do... Till lifetime fades...
I will always love you.