Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interlude: Personal Poem: ~~ Nigeria... The Call ~~

Nigerians, my people,
with raised arms… I hail thee
Together in struggle, we live
With so much commotion,
defying solutions...
But yet, we strut with glee

“Giant of Africa”,
cladded in “Okrika
Blinded by fallacy…
Brainwashed by our leaders,
putting us asunder...
Dividing and looting with ease

With so much potentials,
redundant credentials
We dare complain… “Brain Drain!”?
But who born the slacker...
wey no go wan scamper

With all these aches and pains?

Who mentioned “Elections”?
Ojoro” selections
Voters… At thugs’ mercy
We’re sweating to vote…
They’ve chosen their mole
Our version of Democracy

Saw wonders in traffic…
Lunatic; the warden
“Sane Men” obeying his waves
Mad man” at the center,
controlling the others...
Only in Nigeria… See craze!

See PhD holders,
governed by quack looters
You wonder… Why no head way?
For so long, we swagger…
Led by “babiallah
How e go better??... No way!

Now, who is the “maga”?
I ask you my brother
With all your P-h-Ds…
You speak too much grammar,
While “drop-outsdey scatter
our pride and legacy.

The “Haram” wahala
Corruption is all I see.
In power by bribery…
exuding fool-hardy
For years, we stare… Dundees!!!

We must stop this stronghold;
all “Otondos” must go
Make way… Number your days…
Enough is enough…
Mediocre; be gone
Great Brains… It’s time to crave

Nigerians... My People, with raised arms... I hail thee
Let's break these jinxed routines
Empty amidst plenty... mocked in other countries
Haba! Wetin? Wetin??



Professor Ikechukwu Onyebuchi Igbokwe said...

Keep writing!

I have a P. h. D
Persistent hoping Developing

Jega is here now
digging out the jiggers in our feet
so that we can stand painless

Freddie said...

Amen to that... AMEN!!!

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